Friday, July 1, 2011

cali vacation

So we went to Cali for our family vacation this year and there were soooooo many things that we wanted to do as a family before david and i left the kids fo 2 weeks. We were able to go and visit grandnanny and Aunt Hope, Amanda and Barbara. Isn't it funny how much you don't realize you miss someone till you have to leave? i mean don't get me wrong i miss everyone in cali but i didn't realize how very much i miss them till we had to leave. We went to the coast next =) i wanted to go to Splash Cafe and david was soooo nice, he took me....yummy clam chowder and fish and chips =) i don't think my kids realized how good it would be until they ate their food and started in on mine =) we then went to avala beach where david and the kids and i had a lot of fun, we were building a sandcastle and felicity was trying to destroy it as we went so we decided to trap her in =) mom went with us and was kind enought ot take lots of pictures for us including a family one...which of course i look silly, since we were traveling i didn't put makeup in our family pic i'm makeupless. I though for sure that Felicity would pass out when we got in the car but she made it down the street to Avala Barn and was able to go around feeding the animals with mary and josh. When feeding the cow, lissy had her whole hand go in the cows mouth and she was so excited and grossed out at the same time.... it was funny. Well we then left cali friday night and left our kids with mom =( i love that they are having fun getting to know their cousins there and grandnanny. next week mary and josh will go and stay with my in laws for a week and lissy will stay with mom and then at the end of the week i'll get to see them again! in the mean time i'm going through boxes and getting rid of unwanted and unneeded junk....including some toys =)


Heather said...

Your kids look so grown up!

Annie said...

You finally posted, eh? Good! It was fun doing things with your family. Thanks for inviting me along. Avila beach and barn were tops! (except for the sand everywhere...hahahaha) I've enjoyed the kids a lot. Hope they had as much fun as I did!